Legal & Levy Advisory Solutions

The rigorous monitoring of levy collection through attorneys and managing agents is an essential ingredient for the efficient and streamlined enforcement of levy collections by Bodies Corporate. ST Solutions is equipped with the resources needed to simplify and speed-up this process for our clients.

Our solution provides Bodies Corporate with strategic levy collection monitoring; expert advisory services and solutions for Unit Owners, Trustees, and Administrators.

Our solution also provides Bodies Corporate and Managing Agents with expert opinion in the field of Sectional Title law and management. This includes Prescribed Management Rules, new Legislation relating to the Sectional Title industry and how it affects various role-players in the industry (especially in relation to the collection of levies and the implementation of Bodies Corporate fiduciary duties as stipulated by prevalent legislation).

With a broad knowledge in legal solutions, a library of up-to-date legal resources, as well as over 50 years combined experience in engaging in Sectional Title law, we are geared to assist our clients with speedy and efficient levy collections.

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