Fibre and Wireless Solutions

For a wide range of Fibre to the Home (FTTH) and Wireless Internet services, ST Solutions has partnered with industry leading service providers that meet the specific needs and requirements of Sectional Title Bodies Corporate and Homeowner Associations.

Our partners offer full installation, operation and maintenance of the Fibre optic and Wireless networks and include an entire suite of world-class services that come at no cost to the Body Corporate or Homeowners Association if an initial viability assessment is positive.

Fibre to the Home

Our FTTH solution includes world class high-speed broadband Internet and digital telephony along with a range of value add services.

These value-add services include video-on-demand, visitor announcement systems integrated with access control, golf bookings, cell panic, home alarm monitoring, document management, automated backups, video conferencing, digital home security and on-line gaming.

Our solution is unique to the FTTH market as we are one of a few entities that provide an end-to-end solution for the provision of infrastructure and services required, thereby removing the need for the client to make specialised technology decisions and then to have to co-ordinate and project manage the implementation of these services.

What’s in it for you?

o    Free viability assessment and recommendation
o    Free installation (Provided the viability assessment is positive)
o    Minimal up-take requirements (The majority of our clients have required 0% uptake)
o    Open access network providing you with a variety of ISP’s from which to select
o    Access to one of the largest Fibre networks in South Africa

Wireless Internet

Bodies Corporate and Homeowner Associations that are remotely located or without Fibre infrastructure can benefit from our wireless offering. By partnering with leading wireless network operators, we are able to provide a cost-effective, full-service wireless internet offering that is both scalable and has a shorter lead time to go-live, as no trenching or council approvals are required.

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