Energy Efficiency & Solar Solutions

ST Solutions have partnered with internationally recognised solar and energy efficiency providers to help Bodies Corporate and Homeowner Associations reduce costs while saving energy.

Through a solar electric (photovoltaic) installation, a Body Corporate or Homeowners Association can generate a constant and renewable source of clean energy by harnessing the power of the sun.

With zero initial capital investment required by the Body Corporate or Homeowners Association, our solution results in an immediate reduction in costs, as well as a long-term solution to the South African energy crises.

Why should you choose solar?

o   No upfront capital expenditure required (this is a fully funded solution)
o   Increase the value of property investments
o   Easy to install and maintain with an expected lifetime use of 20 – 25 years (performance guarantees for this      period), thereafter the Body Corporate will own the infrastructure and effectively be producing power
     for free consumption
o   Reduced energy costs resulting in immediate savings to the Body Corporate or Homeowners Association
o   Independence from national electricity grid (depending on whether battery solutions are included)
o   Stable energy prices
o   Little to no global warming emissions
o   An inexhaustible supply of energy from the sun

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