Arrear Levy & Project Funding Solutions

ST Solutions offers innovative funding solutions to Sectional Title Bodies Corporate, for underlying levy debtor problems, municipal arrears and maintenance and capital projects. Our focus is specifically directed at understanding the funding requirements of the Body Corporate and providing the Trustees and / or managing agent with the best possible funding solution.

Whilst many Body Corporates are efficiently managed and are financially sound, many have defaulting unit owners and as a result struggle to function operationally, often leading to general decay of the building and therefore unit value. This is mainly as a result of only being able to afford basic necessities whilst limiting maintenance work.

ST Solutions works with its clients to achieve an operationally functional entity without prejudicing the paying owners within the Body Corporate. The team at ST Solutions has a unique blend of specialist skills in both Sectional Title law and funding structures which has allowed it to put together some rather unique funding packages for Bodies Corporate requiring tailor made solutions according to their needs. Funding solutions offered to qualifying Bodies Corporate include monthly amortising, interest only and interest capitalised loans.

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